Ateeya Manzoor 1

Ateeya Manzoor is the Managing Director of Mayfair Management Group.

Ateeya is A Skilled Strategic and Risk Manager with over 20 years of experience, 12 of which have been at the executive level. Through her 20+ year career spanning Bay Street and Main Street, she has worked on projects in the technology, legal, hospitality, property development, engineering, oil and gas and professional development industries.

Through her keen eye, Ateeya’s core gift is to convert and fully realize potential. She has a unique ability to see things when others may not. Her talent is to anchor in businesses requiring structure or a fresh perspective. Clients value her vision and unrelenting commitment to delivering tangible results.

Ateeya is a citizen of the world having lived in Toronto, London, the Bahamas, Honolulu, Lahore, San Diego and Los Angeles. She can be found anywhere from skydiving over Oahu’s North Shore, being engrossed in a dialogue about planetary ascension atop the Chirripo mountains, singing along in front row at a concert, walking her dogs on a unspoiled beach or making a feast with her loved ones in Oakville.

Ateeya attended York University and is a Certified Risk Manager from the University of Toronto.

Ateeya’s commitment to realizing potential extends in her philanthropic work as well. Through numerous charitable causes, talks, writings and mentorship, she is committed showing those who struggle that there is always a way to ascend. She is currently working on her first book.

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